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La Manga Restaurants & Beach Bars in La Manga Murcia Spain


Those who have been on family holidays to Murcia will already be aware that the cuisine in this region of Spain is second to none - however, they may not be aware that much of what they have eaten in Murcia has strong associations with the south-eastern region of Spain.

Paprika, capers, cheese, rice and apricots all have a distinct link with Murcia - Market Uno notes that capers have been a crucial part of Murcian cooking since the 16th century. Those who wish to try out the tantalising flavours of Murcian fare while they are on a villa holiday in Spain may wish to visit some of the following Murcia eateries

On the Mar Menor coastline fish such as GIlt head bream is landed and cooked in a salt crust. The Caldero Murciano (Murcian fish stew) can be made simply from fish scraps, herbs, tomatoes and mullet. Tomatoes from Murcia are as juicy and tasty as they can be. Figs are also plentiful here, providing the glorious to taste fig bread (Pan de Higos). Murcia is also famous for its Calasparra rice. It grows for as far as the eye can see on the flood plains of the Rio Segura

And in summer the best salads on offer in Spain can be prepared or eaten in Murcia. So many of the ingredients are grown locally. Salads served in some Spanish locations can appear tired. Here, in marvellous Murcia, they are full of flavour and life. A bit like Murcia itself

`Cabo de Palos fishing port area´

LA TANA,968563003,www.la-tana.com, traditional fish and rice (caldero regional dish). Reservation recommended

MIRAMAR, 968563033,fish and rice (caldero regional dish)

El Pez Rojo,968563109, fish and rice (caldero regional dish)

El Navegante, 968563312, fish and rice

El Mosqui, 968564563, fish and rice

La Sartenica, 968146001, Regional food and tapas

KATY, 968563931, fish and rice, (caldero regional dish)

Freiduría El Faro, 968564960 - 968145079,

Fried fish La Barra, 968 563 542, 699 413 143, mediterranean

El Rancho, 968140987, Argentinian steaks Between Cabo de Palos and La Manga

Las Dunas, Las Amoladeras and Mercadona area

´ El Rape, 968146314, fish and rice

La Bodega, 968145485

Rosario Perdiguera 2, 968563037, 968563193 spanish food

FESTIVO, 968563214, Chinese restaurant

Between Km0 and Km1 of Gran Via de la Manga `El Vivero area

El Parador, 968563873, refurbished fisherman´s house with views on the Mar Menor beach, luxury cuisine

Zm.101, 968145181 / 968337284, Front line Mar Menor

LOS TRIOLAS, 968563972, National and regional food

GRAN MURALLA, 968 563 724, Chinese

Cafeteria el Arbol, menu del dia recomendado

Between Km1 and Km2 of Gran Via de la Manga `Canal la Gola Marchamalo & Las Sirenas area

Alborada, 968 563 078, mediterranean

Isla Cristina, traditional cuisine

El Mesonico, 968563662, menu del dia recomendado

La Despensa, 968563874, take away food

El Pollo Dorado, 968563388, Roast chicken

Borsalino, 968563130, French and mediterranean cuisine, laurentsixau@hotmail.com, luxury cuisine

Tasca El Tío Andrés, 968145248, regional cusine Cafetería

Bowling Sirenas, 968145557, Light food

Bolera, 968146230, fast food

Michel, 968 563 002, mediterranean and international

Between Km2 and Km3 of Gran Via de la Manga `Plaza Cavanna area

Mesón Los Caballos, 968563454, mediterranean food

Freiduría El Jardín, 968146225, mediterranean food, big quantities

Fiesta, 968563974.

Cafe Bar El Sol, 968563899 English and International menu for breakfast, lunch or evening

Nino's, 968564795, mediterranean and tapas

Café Bar Jessica

Taperia de Cavanna, bar de tapas

Between Km3 and Km4 Gran Via de la Manga `Plaza Bohemia area

´ Cafetería Istambul, 968143929, fast food good steaks

Heladería Sirvent, ice cream

Pizerria Mamma Bohemia,968143200, Italian

Mortadelo, 968141125, fast food

REMBRAND, 968143546, Pizzas, pastas. Very popular, busy and inexpensive

El Loro Verde, 968140293

San Remo, 968140813, International cuisine

Club Náutico Dos Mares, 968337005, fish, rice and regional cusine, nice location by the small port

St. Gregory's, 968140148, Argentinian steaks and barbecues

Budapest, 679163857, International

Between Km4 and Km5 Gran Via de la Manga `Galerias el Flamenco and Zoco Alcazaba´ commercial centres

O´CAPRICIO,619036562,Galician food. Good tapas, steaks and fish dishes. Very good quality at reasonable prices.

MARCO POLO,681006806,French and international cuisine

NAPUL´É, 634797541,italian restaurant. Excelent pizza and pasta

LA TEJA, 635337677, Tipical spanish dishes and tasty daily menu for little money

HANS, 662458336,German kitchen and grilled meats. Open till late

RONDELLA, 650335745, Design tapas, weekly change of menu, ellegant setting

AMOR AL ARTE, 683250095, Creperie and sweet shop

SIESTA, 622810006, polish restaurant,

Venta David, 968140514, regional and national dishes

Texas Grill, 968140987

Rincón de Ginés, 656273413,

Fast food Pizzeria Beipaco, 968140542, meat and pasta

Between km5 and km6 of Gran Via de la Manga `Castillos del Mar area

Atlanta, 968140614, mediterranean and international

El Fogón de Alberto, 968140018 / 649 668 803, fish and rice Il

Conte Ma, 968140010, Italian cuisine

Soul Kitchen, at Castillo de Mar

Daddy's Hobby, 968143144, International

Gran Meson Domenech

Cafetería Puerto Rico, 968140055, fish and tapas

Cafetería Heladería Mediterraneo, 968141650

Estrella de Mar, fish, only open in Summer

Between Km6 and Km8 of Gran Via de la Manga `El Galan & La Piramide area

Tasca El Galan, 968143210, mediterranean

EL BARON, 617510577, mediterranean, fish and rices

El Molino, 968142174, mediterranean home made

Trastevere, 968141803, Italian cuisine

Café Bar Siglo 21, 968141711

Bar 4 H, Regional tapas

Las vegas, 968141550, fast food

Between Km8 and Km12 of Gran Via de la Manga `El Pedruchillo area

Area Beach club, 968 143 200

El Area, 968141831

El Buffet, 968141097

Kuny, 968143748, regional cusine

Icue, 968140688

Cafetería Las Palmas, 96841096

El Fogon de Juan Manuel, 968143071, regional food

Philadelphia, 678016223, cdlamanga@yahoo.es

Between Km12 and Km14 of Gran Via de la Manga `Darsena cero and Port Tomas Maestre

Paquebote, 68143922, restaurante@paquebote.com, www.paquebote.co, mediterranean food

La Taberna del Greco, 968142332

Pizzeria Di Mare, 968140200, italian and international

Montadito House, 968337173

Pedro's, 968143015, mediterranean

El Condor, Scandinavian-Peruvian cuisine

Chihuahua, 968140403, Mexican cuisine

El Mosquito, 968141770

La Bellota, 968140612, mediterranean

Pizzeria Milan, 968142391, italian pizzas and pasta

Sugar & Spice, 968143297, crepes, french and international cuisine

El Puerto, 968142741, fish, salads

Mario´s, 968142828, Asian

Mesón Casa Paco, 968143829

Between Km15 and Km18 of Gran Via de la Manga `Veneziola & Las Gondolas/Euro Marina Towers area

PLAYA CHICA, 616700241, fish, tapas and regional food by the beach

Pieter Van Driel, 968437059,national and international cuisine, nice views from terrace

Mesón Las Góndolas, 968143860

Mesón Murciano, 968143414, regional and international

El Ancla, 630392939, spanish and international cuisine Puerto Tomas Maestre which is based at the Northern end of the La Manga strip , The marina is very beautiful and offers an excellent range of bars and restaurants offering many type of cuisine with its ‘café lifestyle’, bars and restaurants around the exciting Marina and flanked by many restaurants including French, Greek, Mexican and of course Spanish restaurants have contributed to the areas cosmopolitan reputation



Restaurante Area Sunset Beach Lounge

Phone: +34 968 143 200

Address:Urb. Pedruchillo, Gran Via La Manga local 1 30380 Cartagena MURCIA


One of the most popular areas is the cheerful beach frontage, welcome shade from the heat of the day, with a range of drinks, ice creams and snack meals on offer. Choose from a variety of sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizzas and more traditional Spanish snacks, with superb views out across the Mar Menor..

La Manga Strip have some nice little places to eat with fabulous sea views, the port Thomas Maestre has quite a few restaurants. The best choice is along the left hand side of the harbour as the food and quality is much better. Great for a sunset glass of something chilled.

Restaurante Paquebote

Phone: +34 968 142 922

Address:Urbanizacion Puerto & Playa (Zona Puerto Tomas Maestre) La Manga - Cartagena, Murcia 30380 España


From the traditional local rice dishes such as lobster pot and, through fish, meat, pasta, homemade desserts and delicious pizzas.

Restaurants on the La Manga Strip

Manga Norte

Phone: +34 968 142 504

Address: Restaurante Manga Norte. Darsena Cero. Puerto Deportivo Tomás Maestre. La Manga


Here you can enjoy a friendly atmosphere with live music while enjoying our Argentine barbecues or just refresh you with our cocktails , regular live music

 La Manga strip is full of bars restaurants and discoteques

Cafeteria Nabilla


Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Shopping Center Darsena Cero


Friendly service, good prices, simple fare. Cafeteria Nabilla is right beside Supercor supermarket on the ground floor of the commercial centre where the dive centre is located. Good place for a quiet drink or a snack! 1 euro for a small beer and 4 euro for a Gin & Tonic

There is a Chinese restaurant at the beginning of the strip, which is very good and lots of bars and restaurants along the La Manga Strip

Burger King

Phone: +34 968 142 485

Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Shopping Center Darsena Cero


Burger King fast food restaurants, featuring menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Cabo de Palos is a small fishing port located at the start of the La Manga strip. It has a Light house and numerous bars and restaurants

Restaurante Pizzeria Di Mare

Phone: +34 968 140 200

Address: Cornisa del Estacio, L18, Puerto Deportivo Tomás Maestre, La Manga Del Mar Menor, MURCIA 30380


Excellent grilled fish, Chickin, Steaks. Good price/quality.

Mario's Asian International Pub Restaurant

Phone: +34 968 142 828

Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Poniente Mall ( The Blue Road ) Left Hand Side Of Marina


Asian cuisine Ribs with barbecue sauce, fish to Mario's Meat Teriyake with sauce, garlic Prawns (sizling), Sotanghon stew , Every Monday, we offer live music with singer " Mario " in our large terrace near the Mar Menor

Capitan Moodie

Phone: +34 968

Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Poniente Mall ( The Blue Road ) Left Hand Side Of Marina


Good pizzas and pasta Also steaks Great Ribs ,Curry ,Fish, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, Live Music

Pizza Mila

Phone: +34 968 142 391

Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Poniente Mall ( The Blue Road ) Left Hand Side Of Marina


Good pizzas and pasta Also steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads

Cantina Chihuahua Mexican

Phone: +34 968 140 403

Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Poniente Mall ( The Blue Road ) Left Hand Side Of Marina


Mexican Restaurant - La Manga is a very popular restaurant for the whole family. They serve the classics such as tacos and nachos, the food is great

Sugar and Spice Restaurante Creperia

Phone: +34 968 143 297

Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Poniente Mall ( The Blue Road ) Left Hand Side Of Marina


Almost at the end of the mall. A good offer of crepes, beef steaks and other goodies

Bambus Restaurante & Bar

Phone: +34 968142 826

Address: Tomás Maestre Marina, Poniente Mall ( The Blue Road ) Left Hand Side Of Marina


At the end of the mall. A good North - South combination, offering "different" dishes based on traditional elements (chicken, beef, fish, shrimps, salads) well elaborated at reasonable prices. Order one portion for two people, if you like to eat not too much.

Casa Paco Restaurante & Bar

Phone: +34 968 143 829

Address: Urbanizacion Las Palmeras S/N 30380 San Javier, Spain San Javier Murcia


Good grilled/fried sardines, fresh anchovies, squid... Also steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads

Restaurante Bar Playa Chica

Phone: +34 616 700 241

Address: Avenida Gran Vía de La Manga Km. 14


Beach Front outdoor bar/restaurant on a nice Mar Menor beach. Good grilled/fried sardines, fresh anchovies, squid... Also steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, salads

Restaurante Escuela de Pieter

Phone: +34 968 437 059

Address: Avenida Gran Vía de La Manga Km. 16,3 (urbanización Veneziola, pasado El Estacio)


Romantic beachfront dining It is a great location. They offer excellent fish and steaks, a good caldero rice and other "goodies".

Restaurante Escuela de Pieter

Restaurante Mesón Las Góndolas

Phone: +34 968 143 860

Las Góndolas, Venecia building, Km. 16,5 Gran Vía de La Manga


Restaurante Mesón Murciano


Phone: +34 968 143 860

Address: Las Góndolas, Urbanización Veneciola S/n Edificio Marco Polo,
30380, La Manga del Mar Menor (Murcia)


Collados Beach, Restaurant and Lounge Bar

Phone: +34 968 147 350

Address: Km. 18 Gran Vía de La Manga Veneziola , 30380 La Manga del Mar Menor


Great cuisine, great atmosphere to enjoy a relaxing drink, price related to the top quality of the cuisine and place

Beach Club

Restaurants Plaza Bohemia and Zoco Alcazaba

Click Here >>>> Plaza Bohemia and Zoco Alcazaba